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How DVD Unlock Works


        Ever been to a developing country and come across a bustling marketplace bazaar?  If so, chances are you�ve seen various consumer products and electronics, including DVDs.  What�s not surprising is that many of such DVDs are counterfeit and thus are priced insanely cheap.  However, the high quality DVDs straight from the manufacturers that will definitely play in a DVD player are often just as cheap.  Why?  Because distributors realize existing factors in socioeconomically diverse regions such as pirated DVDs will no doubt affect competition, sales, and subsequently the bottom line: profits to the company.  Therefore, DVD manufacturers price DVDs differently in different regions of the world.

         The impact of this price structure is that you can buy unbelievably cheap DVDs from other regions straight from the manufacturers, the same DVDs you buy now but at several times greater cost.  Unfortunately, you can�t slash your entertainment budget to zero just yet.  Since manufacturers realize the lucrative potential of DVD distribution across regions (there are six in the world, with the most affluent nations in regions one and going from there up), they have equipped DVD players to work with only DVDs labeled for sale in that particular region.

        That means that even if you have a garage full of dirt cheap, hot DVDs, you won�t be able to play them on your DVD player.  However, engineers that developed any particular DVD player will most definitely include a back door that will disable (unlock) the inability to play DVDs from different regions.  They�ve included an unlock feature so they can shift DVD players from an area of surplus to one of scarcity.  In addition, many times they need to test various features of the DVD player that requires the ability to play all sorts of DVDs.

        Now that you know about DVD unlock regions and the basis behind it, let�s explore exactly how DVD unlock works.  A software, not hardware, mechanism, usually locks a DVD player.  In turn, DVD unlock disables this feature by toggling the switch off.  So instead of complicated hardware rewiring, all you need to do is trigger that toggle, usually by a series of button pushes on the remote.  Thus, DVD unlock is much like video game cheat moves.  All you need to know is the code for the DVD unlock and bam, you�re in the wonderful world of almost free and unlimited DVDs.

         When you buy a DVD unlock program, you will usually download it instantly to your desktop.  Then all you need to do is install the DVD unlock program and open it.  The DVD unlock program consists of a huge database that will almost for sure have the DVD unlock code for your particular DVD player.  Once you have found your DVD unlock code through the database, just follow the directions as to how to translate that on your DVD remote.  Within minutes you will be enjoying the delights of almost free DVDs.

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