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DVD Unlock � The What, Why, and How


        Ever wondered why a puny little round disc, called by some as a DVD can take quite a punch out of your wallet?  It�s not surprising to know that a single DVD cost the manufacturers pennies on the dollars to churn out.  The rest is pure profit so if you can somehow cut their margins, you�ll save a mind-boggling amount of money which can go towards a vacation or paying your bills.

        That magic pill of cutting your DVD purchasing budget to almost zero is called DVD unlock.  The power behind DVD unlock lies in one of the many secrets the entertainment industry has been successfully keeping under wrap.  What they actually do is split the world into six regions depending on socioeconomic conditions and sell the same exact DVD at very different prices.

        With DVD unlock, you can �unlock� your DVD player to play DVDs purchased, manufactured, or designated for any region.  Since most of the developed world lives in the higher regions, you end up paying many times over what others pay.  Nowadays, thanks to global trade, the same impetus for this locking feature, you can easily purchase DVDs from any of the regions and play them on your DVD player that has been processed by DVD unlock.

        Once DVD unlock is used, any DVD can be played.  If you don�t have DVD unlock however, even if you have dirt cheap DVDs, you won�t be able to get anywhere as all the DVD players you buy at retail or electronic stores or online are locked.  However, simply by using DVD unlock, you will be able to visit your favorite online vendor and purchase 10 times the number of hot new DVD releases for the price of one and relax at home to enjoy those movies in the same great digital quality, all with DVD unlock.

        By now you�re probably biting at the chomps to get DVD unlock.  However, you may be wondering exactly what is and how DVD unlock works.  Surprisingly, DVD unlock isn�t something complicated or even hardware that you�ll need to tack unto your DVD player by hard manual labor.  All you need is a DVD unlock program that has codes you punch in by way of your remote control.  This software solution is simple and easy to implement, exactly why the manufacturer of your DVD player put it in for (to give their engineers a back door).

        So essentially a DVD unlock program is just a huge database of codes with almost all DVD player models imaginable.  Using the codes, you will input a series of buttons on your remote to unlock your DVD player permanently.  However, you might be thinking, if a DVD unlock program is just a glorified list of �cheats,� why not find one posted on a newsgroup or site somewhere?  The answer is that since your entire neighborhood probably all have their own DVD players, a site with codes that match your DVD player is almost impossible to find.

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