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Increasing the Bottom Line: DVD Region Unlock


          Walk into any video store and you�ll see plenty of DVDs but take a more careful look at the prices and you�ll be in for quite a shocker.  For what you pay each month for DVDs, you can pay your utilities or phone bills.  In the developed world, one DVD ironically costs more than a dinner at a nice restaurant.  It also shouldn�t surprise you that DVDs by nature do not cost $20 to make.  The discs can be manufactured by the masses for fractions of a penny each and the royalties/content licenses are still only a minor portion of profits.  No wonder entertainment stocks are going through the roof and each movie company can make billions each year on only a handful of films.

          One scheme kept under the radar for decades now has been the price structure of videos.  Since global movie corporations realize different regions of the world have different levels of living standards and socioeconomic conditions such as exchange rates, to maximize their sales and profits, these companies price DVDs differently for each market.  This makes intuitive sense as a DVD that can be sold for $20 in the American market might only fetch $2 in a third world country; any higher and no one would buy it.  Thus, the laws of economics essentially dictate the price structure of DVDs.

          However, one law of economics is supply-and-demand.  Movie companies realize that they have you locked in permanently.  If you like a particular movie, when it�s time to buy that DVD to add to your collection, you�ve got nowhere to turn to but that particular publishing house.  With this monopoly in hand, they can go about charging you almost any price they want, which is consequently what they are doing.  Yet consumers are fighting back (legally of course) by utilizing one of the tools of the entertainment industry itself.

          Since DVD manufacturers realize the dramatic price differences between different regions of the world can mean that someone easily might transport DVDs bought at a significantly lower price from one region to a more affluent area.  Not surprisingly, such ploys are carried out on a personal and global level at this moment.  From tourists picking up a few souvenirs on local films or global blockbusters during their exotic vacation to professional privateers who make a living transporting countless DVDs across the world, taking advantage of the price structure through e-commerce, such measures are taking a hit on the manufacturers� pockets.

          With DVD region unlock, you can enable your DVD player to play all DVDs, regardless of where they were manufactured since a DVD player fresh from the factory will be locked and can therefore only play DVDs made from that region.  A DVD region unlock program costs about as much as one single DVD but the savings are simply astounding.  In a month, you can easily recoup your investment tenfolds.  Additionally, a single DVD region unlock program can be used over and over again with all your DVD players and even your friends. 

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