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DVD Region Unlock Myths Revealed


  • I don�t need DVD region unlock. 

Obviously, if you walk into your local electronics store and asked the dealer about DVD region unlock, you�re likely to get nowhere.  Not surprisingly, many people have never heard of DVD region unlock.  Why?  Because the entertainment industry wants to keep DVD region unlock under wraps.  If everyone knew about DVD region unlock, then the technology to circumvent locked DVD players will probably be shut down.

However, even if you haven�t heard of DVD region unlock until now, you will definitely want DVD region unlock if you buy DVDs.  Since the world is split into six regions, each with its own price structure on DVDs, as a first-world consumer, you pay several times over what a Chinese citizen, for example, would pay for the same exact DVD.  To level the playing field and cut your DVD budget to almost zero, get a DVD region unlock program that will enable your DVD player to play DVDs from all regions.

  • DVD region unlock is illegal.

Even if DVD region unlock is illegal, the authorities will never know since you can easily purchase DVDs from other regions online at the click of a mouse.  In addition, the Constitution prevents illegal search and seizure.  Luckily however, DVD region unlock is entirely legal. 

This doesn�t mean the entertainment industry wants to broadcast the secrets of DVD region unlock to everyone.  But to the initiated, DVD region unlock is a great way to watch several times more DVDs with the same budget.  The DVD player manufacturers built in DVD region unlock capabilities because they use it themselves too to debug, test, and modify machines.

  • My DVD player doesn�t support DVD region unlock.

Almost all DVD players have the DVD region unlock function since manufacturers need a way to debug and test their machines in addition to switching the DVD players from one market to another.  In addition, since DVD region unlock is a software, not a hardware tweak, all you need to watch dirt-cheap DVDs from region six is a DVD region unlock program that will look up the sequences to unlock your particular DVD player.

  • DVD region unlock programs are impossible to find/get.

No longer are DVD region unlock guides underground items you need to risk your life for.  With the Internet, you can easily purchase DVDs from all regions (for a fraction of what you pay) in addition to finding the unlock sequences for your DVD player.  If you get lucky, you might find the DVD region unlock code on a site for free. 

However, a DVD region unlock program only costs a few bucks and will save you much time, hassle, and money.  Just search for �DVD region unlock� or better yet, find a place that provides free, quality content on DVD region unlock.  These sites will usually have links or DVD region unlock programs that will easily unlock your DVD player.

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