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An Essential Overview of DVD Player Region Codes


        DVD player region code has been a very hot topic recently.  As the economy is still on the way to recovery, people are getting back to good old fashion entertainment: watching the movies.  However, videos, especially DVDs, can punch a hole clear through your pocketbook.  With so many dazzling, cinematic epics like the Lord of the Rings that deserve to be replayed time after time, it�s truly a shame that you�re limited by a budget that in any other region of the world could feed an entire family for quite some time.

        However, DVD player region code comes to the rescue by leveling the playing field.  Normally, you cannot watch DVDs manufactured and designed for sale in other regions as these DVDs are priced at a significant discount.  But with DVD player region code, it essentially means that you can buy several times more DVDs on the same budget.  Now all you have to do is order your DVDs from various online stores that get their shipments from overseas.  From the convenience and safety of your home, you�ll receive the same DVDs (almost the same packaging too, you�ll barely notice a difference) within days, all at a fraction of the price.

        A DVD player region code simply frees the limitation placed by the factory on your DVD player to playing only region-specific DVDs.  Similar systems are in place for video games and sometimes even music CDs.  DVD player region code programs can be found online for about the cost of one DVD.  They are easy and fast to install, user-friendly, and extremely useful.  Now with a few clicks on the remote to activate the DVD player region code, you will unlock a whole new world of DVDs, ones that are priced at rates you almost won�t believe.

        Because DVD player region code programs sound almost too good to be true, many people miss the opportunity by thinking that the whole thing is illegal.  However, that is a myth perpetuated by, surprise surprise, the entertainment industry itself.  Since no federal law has placed a restriction on transportation of DVDs across regions or unlocking a feature that should never have been locked in the first place, you can dabble in the world of DVD player region code all you want.  In fact, there is actually a huge cult following on DVD player region code with numerous sites and organizations dedicated to all things DVD player region code related.

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