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Your Complete Guide to DVD Player Region Code


       In the pharmaceutical industry, the same cancer-fighting drug can cost pennies in one country and literally thousands of dollars in another.  Likewise, in a little talked about move, the entertainment industry has also thrown down the iron fist on price control.  Any entertainment product you purchase in one part of the world likely won�t be compatible with products purchased elsewhere due to restrictions on moving them around.  Since companies believe some countries can�t afford to buy the same electronic or video at prices we pay, they are substantially marked down.  Yet we cannot taken advantage of these discounts because such products are blocked (usually through software, sometimes even hardware) so that they don�t work outside of the region.

        This policy has a direct affect on DVD players.  With DVD player region code, DVDs that are purchased in other regions are only compatible with DVD players in that region and nowhere else.  Thus, prices are locked in and people are prevented from taking advantage of uber-cheap DVDs or DVD players in third-world countries.  So what are these mysterious DVD player region code?  The world is divided into six regions with the United States included in the first one and China in the sixth.  The regions encompass a wide variety of socioeconomic conditions with consumers that can pay hundreds of time over others.

        Perhaps you�re wondering how exactly DVD player region code affect you monetarily?  Well, not only are you forced to pay several times over prices that the companies still make money on, but many times your region block many types of merchandising.  Thus, if you can play DVDs from other regions, not only do you save almost all the cost of buying a DVD (just pay wholesale or below), you will also have access to DVDs not even carried in your region.  Yet to unlock the awesome power of a DVD player that can play DVDs from all regions, you need software or hardware to disable the DVD player region code.

        Many people think that manufacturers have an elaborate hardware system in place that�s about as easy to break through as a bank vault.  However, 99 out of a 100, because they want to make it easy for their technicians to fix something or reallocate sets to another region, the DVD player region code is embedded as a software patch.  Thus, all it takes is a simple series of unlocking steps, usually through your remote control (like those Playstation game cheats).  Yet such DVD player region code unlocking procedures are not simply broadcasted on the Internet somewhere.  Manufacturers have been doing a great job trying to keep it a secret.

        That�s where a DVD player region code unlocking program comes in.  Since it�s easy for a company to shut down a site that�s listing the procedures for each DVD player model, many ingenious startups or free-minded individuals have developed software programs that essentially act as a huge database.  All you have do to is purchase such a program for a few bucks and look up your DVD model.  Detailed instructions on disabling the DVD player region code will pop up. Just tap the special DVD player region codes into your remote control and Bob�s your uncle! Your DVD player is region free!

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